Good Dogs Spa & Studio

These policies are to give the best service and safety to all clients

Due to health reasons I am only grooming GOOD dogs  30#s or less.

All dogs must present a copy of an up-to-date rabies certificate or titer report.  It is state law that all dogs must have rabies vaccine.

Pricing & Payment

Prices quoted are estimates only. Due to coat condition, behavior, and size pricing may be adjusted accordingly, charges
will be given at pick up.   If you have pricing limitations please state so before getting any services.  I can not for see how long a groom may take and what the fees will be due to behavior and coat conditions such as dematting.  Sales tax is added. Payment is due at time pet is pick up-no billing. I accept cash, check or credit/debit cards at this time. $50 fee for returned checks.

Prebooking discount for every 4 weeks-10%, 5 weeks-8%, 6 weeks-6%. Prebooking discount is only given for
appointment that is prebooked at pick up time and will be prebooked for the calendar year. It will not apply to appointments rescheduled to another week.

This offer does not apply to appointments made through online booking.


I will call when your pet is ready to pick up. Pets must be picked up within 30 minutes of call unless other arrangements are made at drop off. I will work around your pick up times if possible. If you need a specific pick up time PLEASE arrange this before your appointment, I may not be able to accommodate you that day.

Late pick ups-will be charged $1 per minute after the first half hour from the time of pick up call.

Cancellations-must be made 24 hours or more in advance. There will be a $20 fee added to next appointment if cancellation is
less than 24 hours. Exceptions for weather and illness.

No Shows-will be charged the full fees for service  scheduled. 

Late Appointment drop off-if 15 minutes or more late appointment will be rescheduled if they can not be fit into the
days schedule.

Bills will be sent for the above fees if  over 30 days from appointment scheduled.

Matted Pets

The grooming of extremely matted pets will be up to the groomer's discretion. I will not make a pet suffer through any
dematting process. Owner's will be charged for any additional grooming fees due to the added time and intense process of
grooming a matted pet. Dematting fees: $1 per 1 minute of dematting, not more that 1.5 hours. Pets may have
underlying issues due to matted coats. Skin conditions, parasites, and other problems may be exposed after the grooming.
Good Dogs can not be held responsible for any injuries that might occur or underlying issues or an injuries due to the matted condition of the dog.

Aggressive & Difficult Pets

I do not accept aggressive pets at Good Dogs. If you know your pet does not like the grooming process, is extremely
difficult or uncontrollable, has bitten or tried to bite, attacks other pets or people DO NOT BOOK AN
APPOINTMENT. If your pet is aggressive at any time during the grooming I will stop the appointment and call you to
pick up your pet-FULL CHARGES WILL APPLY. If I do continue to groom an aggressive, unruly, or difficult pet
additional charges will be added.

Senior Pets

I will attempt to do your senior pet.  Due to senior pets physical and behavioral problems, it is sometimes difficult and unsafe to complete the grooming process.  I will complete as much of the groom as possible and charges will apply to what is
done.  I may refuse to groom a senior pet for the safety of the pet.


Puppy grooming is not guaranteed. Puppies must be trained to accept grooming. I will attempt to do the puppy the best
that I can in accordance with how the puppy behaves.

I do not allow owners to stay with their dogs during the grooming process for safety reasons.