Most people do not know the steps that groomers take to complete a bathing or grooming service.  Each groomer has their own procedures and techniques.  Here at Good Dogs, the following grooming procedures are done...

Dogs are booked to come in every 15 minutes between 9am and 10am.  Depending on the breeds, size, services requested there may be 1-5 dogs in the spa.

The 15 minute gap allows me time to discuss with the owner how they want their dog groomed and start on the prep grooming.  This is why it is important to be ON TIME for your appointment.

Dogs are then placed in the bath tub.

If an ear infection has been found during plucking, the muzzle is left on for safety reasons due to these infections can be painful.  Ears are cleaned with a either basic or medicated specifically designed for dogs. 

Next skin and coat is checked for any signs of dryness, itchiness, sores, parasites, mats etc.  This will determine what type of shampoo is used or a requested shampoo.  Specific brushes and combs are used to distribute shampoo and loosen dirt as the Aquassage bathing system is used to circulate water and shampoo with a massaging action.  Dogs are then rinsed thoroughly with warm water.  A basic conditioner is applied or one that is requested then rinsed off thoroughly.  A second bath may be done for dogs with skin problems,extremely dirty, or oily.  A Facial Scrub may be done or other special cleaning.

Pads and sanitary area are clipped first.  Your dog is then groomed to the style we have discussed.  Blade, snap-on comb, hand scissored or stripped accordingly.  A final spritz with cologne and your dog is beautiful.  Each dog is finished in turn. Click Before & After Photos to see more.

Pick Up
Once your dog is finished, you will be called when your dog is ready to be picked up.  You must pick up your dog within 30 minutes of the call to avoid an additional fee.  Day care/boarding is not offered.

Express Service

Dogs are done in similar fashion except after the next dog is bathed and dryed the Express Service dog is finished.  This is a pre-booked appointment so there is a gap in appointments to finish this dog and why there is an additional fee for this service.

Solitary Service

Is for a dog that is done from start to finish and is the ONLY dog in the spa.  Solitary Service can be a cage free if requested.  This is a pre-booked appointment and the dog MUST be picked up within 15 minutes of being called to avoid an additional fee.  This time frame is required due to other dogs being booked after this service.

(Depending on service requested.)
Nails are trimmed and ground smooth depending on behavior of the dog.
Ears are plucked with ear powder depending on the breed.  During nail trimming, grinding, ear  plucking and cleaning, all dogs are muzzled for safety.  The muzzle does not hurt and is on for only a few minutes.

Good Dogs Spa & Studio

A high velocity dryer whisks water off your dog.   Some dogs do not like this process so a moisture magnet towel is used to soak off water.  Your dog is then towel dried with a cloth towel and a drying spray is applied.  Your dog is placed in a crate with a clean cage carpet and dried with a timed cage dryer that warms air through the dryer motor.

The prepping and bathing usually takes me 15 minutes for small to medium size dogs-by this time my next appointment is coming in.  The procedure starts for each dog until all are prepped, bathed and dried.

Fluff Drying
When the last dog is bathed and placed in a crate to damp dry, the first dog is ready to be fluff dried.

Depending on the breed a fluffing spray, deshedding spray, or finishing spray/conditioner may be used as the dog is dried with a hand held blow dryer while it is being brushed.

If your dog is a bath service dog it is finished after the fluff drying.