Online Booking Is Available

Good Dogs Spa & Studio


There is a 2 day lead time for online booking-meaning if you are booking an appointment on a Monday, available appointments will start 2 days later. This is due to confirmation parameters. 

*All appointments booked online will be accepted or rejected with an e-mail. 

Appointments will receive another email with further questions, other days, times or options available.
(I take phone, email and online appointments-due to these scheduling options, appointments may not be available.) 

*Please put as much detailed information in as possible.

Your dog's breed, age, behavior, how you want your dog groomed etc.

*Some appointments may need to be scheduled to a different day if more time is needed.

*If you need Express Service, Solitary Service, Before Hours Service please call for an appointment,

these services need specific booking.  Do Not Schedule These Online

*Before booking please go to our services page to see a description of each service and add on.

This will help you choose the correct service for  your dog's grooming needs. 

*I am only grooming GOOD dogs 30#s or less.

*Good Dogs does not groom cats

*I do not accept aggressive or uncontrollable dogs.  If your dog is aggressive, has snapped, bitten, does not like being brushed, bathed to the point of being uncontrollable or shows signs of any other similar behavior-DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. 

If you do book an appointment and I find I can't handle the dog due to behavior, or has this type of issue  I will call you to pick up your dog.  You will be charged for the appointment.